How Old Is Wendy


How Old Is Wendy In the world of K-pop, there are a lot of stars shining brightly, and captivate audiences around the world. 

Of these, there are Wendy who is a well-known member of the famous girl-group Red Velvet. 

While her contributions and talents are acknowledged by many however, a question frequently comes up in the minds of both curious and devoted fans like.

The Birth of a Star

Early Life and Background

Wendy who’s birth name is Son Seungwan was born on the 21st of February 1994 at Seongbuk-dong, Seoul, South Korea. 

Family and friends of hers refer to her as a determined and passionate person since the age of.

Entrance into the World of K-Pop

Wendy’s rise to fame began when she was a part of the SM Entertainment’s Global Audition in Canada. 

Her impressive vocal talent attracted the attention of talent scouts and in 2012, she was officially enrolled in SM Entertainment as a trainee. 

The dedication and hard work she put into her throughout her training years helped pave the way for her debut.

The Age Enigma

Wendy’s Current Age

At present, Wendy is in her late 20s. Based on her birth date of the 21st of February, 1994 she was born in 2023. 

That means she was 29 years old. This brings her one step closer to reaching the age of turning 30.

Age Discrepancies in the Industry

It’s not unusual to see discussions on age in the world of entertainment particularly in K-pop. 

Some idols could decide to keep their ages secret or use slightly different birth dates for different reasons. Wendy’s age is well-received by fans and other sources.

Wendy’s Achievements and Impact

Rising to Fame

Wendy made her debut as part of Red Velvet in 2014. Her strong vocals and a flexible style of singing make her unique, and contributed to the success of the group. 

Red Velvet quickly gained a huge following throughout South Korea and internationally.

Solo Ventures

Apart from her activities with the group, Wendy ventured into solo projects too. 

The debut album she released on her own, “Like Water,” showed her incredible range of vocals as well as emotional depth. 

This feat further established her status as a revered artist in the music industry.

Wendy’s Endearing Personality

Charismatic Presence

One reason that fans are awestruck by Wendy is her charming and warm personality. 

Her interactions with fans, which are often full of warmth and appreciation has made her a favorite of an international audience. 

Her warm and friendly manner has made her a role in the lives of many.


In the ever-changing and dynamic world of K-pop Wendy’s age is evidence of her ongoing ability and influence. 

As an artist in Red Velvet and a solo artist she leaves an imprint on the world of music. 

Her journey from a tenacious young student to an acclaimed artist has served as a model for aspiring artists around the globe.At


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