How to Make Wendy’s Frosty 2023


How to Make Wendy’s Frosty Many of us enjoy the rich, creamy goodness of Wendy’s Frosty. Smooth vanilla and rich dark chocolate create a unique dessert.

What if you were able to recreate the iconic Frosty in your kitchen? You can create your own Wendy’s Frosty with a few ingredients and a mixer.

This guide will walk you step-by-step through the process so you can enjoy the delicious taste and velvety consistency of a Frosty whenever you want.

Enjoy a delicious homemade treat that will capture the essence of a favorite treat from your kitchen counter.

How to Make Wendy’s Frosty

Ingredients You’ll Need

Gather these ingredients before you begin.

  • Vanilla ice cream
  • Chocolate syrup
  • Milk
  • Sweetened condensed Milk
  • Instant vanilla pudding mix

Gathering the Equipment

These tools will help you to make the process easier.

  • Blender
  • Mixing Bowls
  • Whistler
  • Measuring cups
  • Serving glasses

Preparing the Frosty Base

  1. Start by scooping two cups of vanilla ice-cream into a bowl.
  2. Add 1/4 cup sweetened condensed Milk and 1/2 cup milk.
  3. Blend the ingredients with a whisk until they are smooth.

Adding the Chocolate Flavor

  1. Add 3 tablespoons chocolate syrup to the mixture.
  2. Add 2 tablespoons instant vanilla pudding mix for an extra chocolaty flavor.
  3. Blend the mixture until it turns a lovely shade of brown.

Achieving the Perfect Texture

  1. Pour the mixture in a blender.
  2. Blend at medium speed until mixture is smooth and thick.
  3. Add a few ice cubes to the mixture and mix again.

Serving and Enjoying

  1. Pour chocolate syrup inside your glasses.
  2. Pour the Frosty carefully into the glasses.
  3. Top it with chocolate syrup and whipped cream.

Customizing Your Frosty

  1. Add different flavors to your cookies by adding nuts, fruits or cookie crumbles.
  2. Blend in chocolate chips and mint extract for a minty touch.

Tips for Success

  • For the best results, use high-quality vanilla cream ice.
  • Add more or less syrup to adjust sweetness.
  • If your mixture is too thick add some milk and mix again.

Common Mistakes to Avoid

  • A runny Frosty can be the result of over-blending.
  • If you add too much pudding mix, it can become thick.
  • The Frosty will lose its creaminess if you skip the sweetened condensed Milk.

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It’s a great experience to make your own Wendy’s Frosty. You can enjoy this delicious treat whenever you like with a few ingredients and the correct steps.

Why wait? Follow the guide and grab your ingredients to make a homemade Frosty unlike any other.At


What is Wendy’s Frosty?

Wendy’s Frosty is a chocolate milkshake-like dessert that is thick and creamy.

What are the ingredients needed to make Wendy’s Frosty?

The basic ingredients needed to make Wendy’s Frosty are chocolate milk, sweetened condensed milk, and Cool Whip. Some recipes may also include vanilla extract or ice cream

Can I make Wendy’s Frosty at home?

Yes, you can make Wendy’s Frosty at home using a few simple ingredients

How do I make Wendy’s Frosty?

The basic steps to make Wendy’s Frosty are to blend the ingredients together until smooth and creamy, then freeze for a few hours until it reaches the desired consistency

Can I use a blender to make Wendy’s Frosty?

Yes, a blender is the most common tool used to make Wendy’s Frosty

How long does it take to freeze Wendy’s Frosty?

It typically takes a few hours to freeze Wendy’s Frosty until it reaches the desired consistency

Can I freeze Wendy’s Frosty overnight?

Yes, you can freeze Wendy’s Frosty overnight. However, it may become too hard and difficult to scoop

Can I store Wendy’s Frosty in the freezer?

Yes, you can store Wendy’s Frosty in the freezer for up to a week

Can I make a vanilla Frosty?

Yes, you can make a vanilla Frosty by adding vanilla extract or vanilla ice cream to the mixture

Can I make a chocolate and vanilla swirl Frosty?

Yes, you can make a chocolate and vanilla swirl Frosty by making separate batches of chocolate and vanilla Frosty, then swirling them together before freezing